Evolution Garden @Singapore Botanic Gardens

After my previous visit to the western part of the Singapore Botanic Garden in August 2015, I had intended to return to explore the remaining half. I did not realize my next visit in August 2016 would be a year apart. How time flies. On my first visit I had entered through the Tanglin gate and visited the Orchid Garden. This time I went in through the Bukit Timah gate which is conveniently located just next to the Botanic Garden MRT station.
I did not plan the exact route to take but the direction signage makes it easy to get around. I suppose it’s possible to go around the whole Botanic Garden within a day but I would rather take my time to enjoy each area. From the Bukit Timah gate, the trail go past the Eco Lake before reaching the Evolution Garden. As its name suggests, this garden is designed to give visitors the feel of walking through the ages of evolution on Earth. I was fascinated by the alien looking trees which I found out later to be replicas of the giant clubmoss (Lepidodendrons). For the correct timeline sequence, one should start the walk from the section with the trees of stone which are preserved fossilized remains of real ancient trees.


I had to touch this petrified trunk to see if it’s really turned into stone
The alien looking trees (lepidodendrons) with their scaly bark (below)


Lifeless Earth which represents the beginning of Earth 4600 million years ago.

Similar hexagonal rock columns I’ve seen along the Jusangjeolli Cliffs on Jeju Island which were formed by the cooling of molten volcanic lava flowing into the sea.
Area representing the beginning of life, with colonies of bacteria and replicas of stromatolites
Beginning of plant life forms – mosses and liverworts

Crocodile fern which resembles crocodile skin
Age of Cycads
King sago palm
Small pond with water lilies, representing the first flowering plants in the late Cretaceous period


Timor black bamboo



Resident swan at the Eco Lake

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