Singapore Night Festival 2016

This year the Singapore Night Festival was held in the Bras Basah area, along Armenian Street, at the Arts Museum and National Museum. I managed to catch 2 interesting performances on the 2nd weekend of 26th and 27th August, both by the street theatre group Close-Act from the Netherlands. 
The first act ‘Let’s Celebrate’ in front of the Peranakan Museum was a rousing performance with silver suited ladies and drummers on stilts. As they moved back and forth among the crowd, we could see them up close. The pulsating drum beat and music together with fire and smoke certainly makes it an immersive experience for the spectators.
Light up of the Peranakan Museum facade

I then made my way to the National Museum where their next act ‘Invasion’ would be performed on the open lawn. The 2nd performance was even more exciting as there were tall dinosaur-like creatures and other strange beings roaming around in our midst. As they moved around rapidly on stilts, it’s a wonder no one got trampled on. Another immersive act that makes one feel a part of their mythical world.
National museumSaw this pretty light installation on the way to the Museum
Keyframes @ the National Museum – LED figures which were programmed to give the effect that they are running across and leaping up and down the facade.

The invasion begins with a figure singing atop a large orb as it glides across the museum lawn.
These dinosaur-like creatures towering above the spectators certainly reminds me of Jurassic Park.
It couldn’t have been easy for the performers to bring them to life but they moved about effortlessly.

The dinosaurs had passed right in front of me just seconds ago.
Not easy to get a clear shot as they were constantly on the move.

Another awesome sight – a large prehistoric bird with its rider ‘flying’ in over our heads

2 thumbs up …. exciting music and a class act that takes us to another fantasy world
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