Visit To Fort Canning Park

Some weeks ago when I passed by Fort Canning Park while on the way to look for the wall murals at Waterloo Street, I had made a mental note to visit the place on another day. It was pleasantly quiet when I was there on a weekday. If not for the humid weather, it would have been the perfect place to spend a leisurely afternoon. I did not complete the full circuit though but intend to return to explore the remaining half of the park.
Fort Canning Park is another historical landmark with a rich history but which I had been unaware of until I read up on it. Before the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles, this hill was previously known as Bukit Larangan (Forbidden Hill) as it was believed to be where the royal palace of the ancient Malay rulers were sited. Another interesting discovery for me was the fact that Sir Stamford Raffles had built a house and lived here in 1822.  As I walked around Fort Canning Park, I could imagine stepping back into the 19th century.

Entrance to the park from Hill Street
Pedestal stand
Lovely engraving on the plant stand pillar
Wall engraving depicting past trading activities

With few visitors on a weekday, it’s certainly very peaceful.
Farquhar terrace 2

I love old trees …… beautiful and imposing.
If they can talk, what interesting tales from the past they can tell us.
Archaeological excavation site with artifacts from the 14th century.

Pottery and glass artifacts uncovered during excavation
Old tree
An interesting trunk which caught my attention
James Brooke Napier memorial with the Fort Canning Arts Centre behind it.
The latter used to be the barracks for the British army.
The Cupolas which were probably resting places on the hill. This shot was marred by some activities in the background. I should have taken the shot from another angle but I wanted to include the old tree beside it.
Site of Singapore’s first Christian cemetery and used as burial grounds from 1822. Some of the headstones can be seen on the wall. Strangely this particular stretch of steps exudes a very peaceful feeling for me.
Gothic gates in the Christian cemetery
I was fascinated by these really long roots or are they slim trunks of another parasitic plant
that stretched all the way up to the branches above.
One of the 9 pound canons on Bond Terrace
The second 9 pound canon
Keramat Iskandar Shah, a sacred place dedicated to Iskandar Shah (aka Parameswara) the last ruler of 14th century Singapore.

A replica of the original lighthouse which used to stand on Fort Canning Hill.

A cute sculpture by Casey Chan titled ‘Make Cents’.
Another mental note to self to do a sculpture hunt on my next visit.
Colorful cow titled ‘Incarnation’ by P. Gnana, made with recycled scrap material.
Raffles House, residence of Sir Stamford Raffles in 1822
It’s certainly a lovely spot where Raffles House is sited on top of the hill. We enjoyed the cooling breeze while taking a breather on the swing in its garden. I could have stayed up there all day. 
Time ball
A replica of the Time Ball which was used in the past to signal the correct time to the public.
It was raised and dropped at 1 pm daily and serves as a time keeping device.
Wind chamber
‘Wind Chamber’ by Lim Soo Ngee
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