Heritage Wall Murals Trail – Tiong Bahru

The 3rd set of wall murals is located near the Tiong Bahru Community Centre, a 10 minutes walk from the Tiong Bahru MRT Station.
Pasar & fortune teller (1)Pasar & Fortune Teller mural @Block 73, Eng Watt Street
As this is in a narrow lane, I had my back against the wall in order to get a panoramic shot of the whole mural. It certainly evokes a nostalgic feeling. 
Pasar & fortune teller (3)The men enjoying curry noodles and ‘chwee kueh’, steam rice cakes garnished with preserved radish.
In the background is a a basket of steam buns (pao) with meat filling and traditional Chinese steam cakes at far left. The latter is one of my favourite childhood snacks.

Pasar & fortune teller (2)

Another childhood snack Putu Mayam, an Indian rice flour noodle dish, steamed and eaten with grated coconut and palm sugar (gula melaka).
Traditional Chinese fortune teller

4 traditional Chinese steamed cakes, clockwise from top:
Egg sponge cake (Ji Dan Gao)
Red tortoise cake (Ang Ku Kueh) with soft sticky glutinous rice flour skin and sweet filling
White sugar cake (Bai Tang Gao)
Prosperity Cake (Fa Gao)


Bird Singing Corner mural @Block 71, Seng Poh Lane
A place where bird lovers would gather during weekends to enjoy a chat and coffee.
Next to my block is a popular bird corner where bird singing contests are held occasionally. I’m just puzzled as to how judging is done since it must be difficult to distinguish individual chirping from that din. Or are they judged from overall appearance? 
Frankly I would rather birds can fly freely and not confined in small cages.
Coffee and kaya toast. Another favourite breakfast food with toast is a couple of soft boiled eggs eaten with dark soya sauce and pepper.


Home mural @Block 73, Tiong Poh Road
The couple on TV is the iconic comedy duo from the 60s Wang Sha and Ye Feng.
Home (2)
I’m impressed by the fine details of the newspaper. That looks like an image of the old National Theater.
The man resembles the young Lee Kuan Yew and is that lady Margaret Thatcher?
HomeTraditional remedies still in use ….. Axe Brand multi-purpose medicated oil (small white box with green border) and Chinese herbal cough syrup Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa (reddish box behind it).
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