Heritage Wall Murals Trail – Everton Road

During one of my previous trips to Seoul, I had gone to Ihwa Mural Village to see their wall art. It’s great that now we have our own version of heritage wall mural art done by Yip Yew Chong. It helped that the location maps are posted in his Facebook page so they were easy to find @ https://www.facebook.com/yip.yewchong
I had initially planned to cover Everton Road, Waterloo Street & Tiong Bahru within the same day but decided to do it over 2 days for a more leisurely exploration on foot. First to Everton Road and then on to Waterloo Street, passing through Chinatown, Clarke Quay and Hill Street, and enjoying the other landmarks along the way ….. the Central Fire Station, Old Hill Street Police Station, the Armenian Church and Fort Canning. Would have liked to make that detour up Fort Canning but will leave it for another day.

Love the laid back ambience of this area along Blair Road with its row of Peranakan houses
Everton rd (1)
So glad the unique houses in this area has been conserved. Some of them have this type of gate in front of the main door which is rather intriguing. What was its purpose?
Along Neil Road. According to YYC’s Everton Mural Walk map, this house with the red car used to be the residence of Lee Kuan Yew’s grandfather. Wish I had studied the map more thoroughly as I missed out on a facade which dates back 150 years. I just found out that there are heritage tours conducted at the no 157 Baba House located along this stretch.
Provision shop mural @ 8 Spottiswoode Park Road
Wonderful details of an old style provision shop
Beancurd hawker. The red letterbox is part of the mural.
Amah mural @ 40 Everton Road

Note the lovely floral patterns on the sarong
This reminds me of an old food storage cupboard we used to have at home. The little containers around its legs were filled with some type of powder to stop ants from crawling up.
Barber mural @ 39 Everton Road, around the corner next to the Amah mural.

Which is real, which is not? A clever idea to paint the milk can with its string at this spot, giving the illusion that it’s really hanging from the water pipe. I think some neighourhood coffee shops still use such cans for take-away coffee.
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