Trip To Taipei (December 2015) – Tamshui & Shilin

On hindsight we should have spent more time exploring Tamshui rather than just walked along the river bank and the old street parallel to it. I regret not having read up more about its surrounding areas and inner streets and only found out what we missed after our return.  A friend had mentioned that she had enjoyed cycling around on the opposite island which should be Bali (not to be confused with Indonesia).
One of the pleasures of being in Tamshui is watching the beautiful sunset and we did not even wait for it.
We had continued on to the Fisherman’s Wharf but did not stay there for too long before we decided to move on to Shilin Night Market.  Sigh, it was a wasted opportunity especially when I see the wonderful photos of sunset at the Wharf taken by other visitors  All that web searching and itinerary planning earlier had zapped my energy and I guess I had not wanted to pore through it all again as the trip neared. 
We had wanted to take our time each day without rushing around and be flexible with the planned itinerary. So we would only head out almost around mid-morning, had breakfast at a nearby noodle shop before heading to the next destination. I suppose day 4 could have been more exciting if it had been planned with more care.
During our visit to Tamshui, the skies were overcast so most of the photos taken with my Samsung Note 4 appeared rather ‘grey’.
Breakfast or rather brunch of beef noodles and side dishes.
I was surprised that one of these is a Kimchi-like dish or is it the Taiwanese version?

Tamshui Station ….. the river bank is visible as one exits the station
Grilled squid is a popular Taiwanese snack and can be found in many places.
Some of the shops along the inner old street that runs parallel to the river bank.

I had bought a plate size biscuit with Matcha filling from what seems to be an established Tamshui traditional pastry shop but forgot to take a picture.
Saw this interesting device for simultaneous peeling and slicing of fruits

The island across the river

Tamshui 1

Boarding point for the ferry to the island on the other side

Lovers Bridge at the Fisherman’s Wharf

This jetty is where one can chill and enjoy an amazing sunset

Shilin Night Market

Something which I found rather amusing ….. real-time info for the ladies rest room at a subway station.
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