2015-10-07 (2)Taken yesterday ( 7th October 2015)
Nothing extraordinary about the above photo but for us here in Singapore, the sight of beautiful and clear blue skies yesterday certainly brought much joy and relief.  Having suffered the awful and unhealthy haze for the past weeks, having a clear sunny day truly gladdens my heart. No thanks to our neighboring country which can’t seem to manage their land clearing, burning and destruction of their rain forest year after year, we have had to suffer needlessly every time the winds blow the pollutants in our direction. On days when the PSI reaches an unhealthy level, I find it difficult to breath and it’s depressing that everywhere is a blanket of grey.
It’s probably a brief respite before the skies are hidden again but hopefully the clear skies can lasts and we can put away our N95 masks.  We did not realize how much we have taken for granted our blessings of clean air and sunny skies until they are taken from us. Looking up at the blue skies yesterday was truly joyous for me and I could not help but marvel at its beauty.
2015-10-07Taken on 7th October 2015
2015-09-14Taken 3 weeks ago on 14th September 2015
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