Watching The Black Knights @ Marina Barrage

20150810-Black-Knights378Source: 新加坡 眼 @
I had wanted to watch the aerial display by the RSAF Black Knights at Marina Barrage on the last day as I thought it would not be as crowded but how wrong I was. Probably the others must have thought the same as there was a huge traffic jam along Marina Boulevard and traffic was at a standstill.
All travel by bus and MRT were free on 9th August and it was certainly a great feeling to just board any bus or train without having to tap our fare card.  The only bus that goes right up to Marina Barrage is bus 400 and we had planned to take it at the bus stop in front of International Plaza. On arrival at that stop, I was a bit worried to see the crowd getting larger. Wondering if it might be better to catch a taxi, I was relieved to see 2 buses arriving together. With everyone scrambling to get on board, both buses were fully packed in no time but with some still trying to get on, it was impossible for the driver to close the doors. He had no choice but to announce that the bus would not be moving unless the doors could be closed. I was sandwiched in the middle so could not really see what was happening but after some minutes, we  finally moved off.
We should reach there with time to spare as we still had 30 minutes. But as the bus reached Marina Boulevard, traffic had slowed to a crawl. Sigh, so near and yet so far as Marina Barrage was just a bit further down after the next turn into Marina Gardens Drive. The bus was barely moving, would we be able to make it in time?
I could hear some passengers talking to the driver, to let them alight so that they could walk the rest of the way. The driver was initially reluctant as he felt it was unsafe but they reasoned that traffic was at a standstill anyway. He finally agreed so we too decided to get off as the show would be starting in another 10 minutes.  Hurrying along on foot with everyone else, it seemed to be quite a distance but finally the barrage was in sight. On hearing the announcement that the show was about to begin, I started running towards the open area just next to the green roof. At least it was not as crowded as the rooftop viewing area. 
I had brought along my camera but decided not to take photos of the Black Knights as I did not want to miss the action.  My favorite was the double heart formation. I had thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful aerial display which lasted about 30 minutes. Kudos to the members of the Black Knights and thanks to Dr Ng Eng Hen for sharing the video with the various aerial maneuvers.


marina barrageRooftop garden of the Marina Barrage building
Nd 09-08-2015
 Since we expected it would be too crowded at the nearby bus stop or MRT station just after the show ended, we decided to explore the rooftop.  There were quite a number of people who had chosen to remain at their choice spots, most likely for the fireworks later that night.  But since it is an open area with no shelter, I’m amazed that they could endure the afternoon heat.  Many people could be seen walking towards Gardens By The Bay, probably to the Bayfront MRT station. 
Nd 09-08-2015 (1)
Nd 09-08-2015 (2)a
After checking the map, we decided to cut across the Gardens to Marina Bay Sands. Though I had been to the Cloud Forest (in pic above) and Flower Domes, it was my first time on this side of the bay. I did not realize it was such a nice place.

Nd 09-08-2015 (4)a

Nd 09-08-2015 (5)
An interesting chair made from tree trunks

Nd 09-08-2015 (6)

Nd 09-08-2015 (8)

Nd 09-08-2015 (10)aThe Supertree Grove. Would be wonderful to see the beautiful lights display at night.
Nd 09-08-2015 (11)
Nd 09-08-2015 (12)
Nd 09-08-2015 (13)
Nd 09-08-2015 (14)Came across these interesting stone carving along the way

Nd 09-08-2015 (15)

Nd 09-08-2015 (16)

From inside The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands, we could see a large crowd at the Event Plaza and the Merlion Park on the opposite side.  Though it was early noon and still a few hours before the start of the National Day Parade, many had arrived early for a good spot to watch the live telecast on the big screens as well as the special fireworks.  Though I would have loved to stay for the fireworks, we decided to head for home.  We would watch the NDP on TV instead as the long wait in the hot weather was too energy sapping. 
fireworks @ SG50Photo credit
ndp 2015b
A spray of yellow orchids in an empty seat at the NDP, in honour of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Thank you Mr Lee, wish you could have been here ……
Highlights from the National Day Parade 2015
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