Trip To Jeju (Part 2)

Jeju-do 2
phoenix island 8
Phoenix Island resort
Our next destination was Phoenix Island at Seopjikoji, a beautiful and luxurious ocean resort located on the eastern coast.  We were going there to enjoy the lovely ocean view along its south eastern side, stretching from the lighthouse to the southern tip. 
2014-10-06 08.32.53
We had entered through the car park area and after walking for about 20 minutes through a field of silver grass, we could see the lighthouse in the distance.  On hindsight, we should have climbed up to the lighthouse which would have given us a great view of the coastline.  But we decided to turn right and proceeded along the path that leads to the southern tip.

2014-10-06 08.34.48

2014-10-06 08.48.05
A beautiful view of the ocean with waves crashing against the cliffs as we strolled along the fenced path.  According to legend, the rock pillar that stands on the bedrock is the son of the Dragon King of the Sea who  turned into rock as he grieved the loss of his love.

2014-10-06 08.52.26-1

2014-10-06 09.01.18-1This place is also well known for being the shooting location for the Korean drama ‘All In’ but much to our disappointment, the pretty little church featured in the drama had been converted into a candy house. On our way back, we had gone up close to the Glass House (near the Lighthouse). 
From what I had read on it after my trip, this building houses an art gallery at its ground level and an upscale restaurant with a great view of the ocean on the 2nd level.  I’m not sure whether it’s still in operation as the place feels deserted and its ground level entrance was closed.  A pity we could not spend more time here but we had to move on to Maze Land next.
2014-10-06 12.20.56Maze Land has 3 different mazes and are made mostly out of stone and wood.  The mazes reflect the 3 most abundant things on Jeju …… wind, women and rocks.  There’s also a museum in the vicinity.
For more info
2014-10-06 12.23.28Guess which maze is the most complicated to find one’s way out of.  Our group was divided into 4 teams and the challenge was to see which team would take the shortest time to go through all 3 mazes.  There are maps available for those who would like to refer to the routes but still it’s not easy, especially for those with a bad sense of direction.
2014-10-06 13.03.42
2014-10-06 13.53.16
I’m one of those who tend to get lost very easily but thanks to my team mates who managed to get the clues from the map, we finally found our way out.
  It was tiring but fun and after a brief visit to the Maze Museum, we proceeded on to the Manjanggul Caves nearby.
2014-10-06 14.21.25
The Manjanggul Caves is a 7.4 km long lava tunnel carved out by hot lava when it flowed to the surface.
Only 1 km of it is open to the public and a round trip to its end and back takes around an hour.  The ground is wet and uneven so it’s best to wear comfortable shoes.  Since it’s dimly lit within, you’ll need a good camera for pictures.
2014-10-06 14.25.00
At the entrance and making our way down.  The following photos were taken using my mobile phone which surprisingly turned out pretty okay in those areas which had better lighting.

2014-10-06 14.30.55

2014-10-06 14.35.21

2014-10-06 14.51.50 -1

With so much walking, this had been an extremely tiring day so this would be our last activity of the day.
We would be having a barbeque dinner in our hotel gardens and after getting the required foodstuff at one of the supermarkets, we made our way back to the hotel.
To be continued …..
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