Seoul 2014 (Ihwa Mural Village)

I was back again in Seoul last month to attend an event.  As always, I was having that mental tug-of-war for a while but the heart won again.  And since it was a last minute decision with the departure within a short time, my flight costs quite a bit more. 
banana backpackers
This time I stayed at the Banana Backpackers which was near to Anguk Station.  Quite a good location too as it’s just a 5 minutes walk to Insadong and there’s an airport bus stop nearby.  The rates are reasonable, rooms are spacious with its own attached bathroom and free wifi so I was quite happy with my stay.  The staff can communicate well in English and one could easily get info and help. 
On arrival we had taken the lift up to the 5th floor as I had mistaken the notice for the reception upstairs which houses another guesthouse. 
anguk stnLoved that decorative carving along the stretch of wall going down to Anguk Station.
On the way to Anguk Station, we came upon an unexpected sight ……. a large group of police men and women gathered in front of the police station.  Curious as to what was happening, we stopped to watch and soon saw a group of protestors marching up with some sort of petition.  But what I found strange were the huge number of uniformed men compared to the small group of protestors. 
ddpThe futuristic looking Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DPP) in Dongdaemun which had me wondering what building it was.  During my previous visit to Seoul, it was still under construction then.  
We had taken the wrong exit for Dongdaemun and as we went back underground, we found ourselves in the bowels of the DDP with a number of shops and eateries.  The Plaza houses a fashion design information centre, multi-purpose convention hall for performances and exhibition halls. 
I’ve been to Seoul a number of times so this time I decided to visit some of the places I have not been to yet.  One of them is the Ihwa Mural Village with its interesting street art within a residential area.  Nearest subway station is Hyehwa Station, Line 2 exit 4.  As the walk is uphill with a number of steps to climb, it was a bit tiring.  But the fun is in searching for each piece of drawing on the wall and stairs.  There was also a charming little ice-cream store and cafe at the top where one could take a break after the exhausting walk.
The favorite spots for photography were the beautiful murals on the steps and the pair of wings just beside the ice-cream store.

ihwa mural village (1)

ihwa mural village (2)

ihwa mural village (3)

ihwa mural village (4)

ihwa mural village (5)

ihwa mural village (6)

ihwa mural village (7)

ihwa mural village (8)

ihwa mural village (9)

ihwa mural village (10)

ihwa mural village (12)

ihwa mural village (11)

ihwa mural village (13)
ssamziegil 3This is at the rooftop of Ssamziegil in Insadong.  Similar to the lock locks in Namsan, badges with couple messages tied to the fence leading to a cafe.
Got these cute cat cards and keychain at Ssamziegil.

ssamziegil 2

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2 Responses to Seoul 2014 (Ihwa Mural Village)

  1. zrcgiron says:

    Would you know the ne of the artist of the cat post cards and keychain?

    • juleecwk0409 says:

      I do not know the name of the artist but on that cat postcard with the blue background, there is a name ‘Kong’ while on the back are 3 characters 콩콩이. If you would like to look for the stall, it’s a small corner stall at the top level of Ssamziegil selling all cat related stuff such as these items and tote bags.

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