Yay It’s Raining!

dried up
There had been no rain for such a long time that I couldn’t quite recall when the dry spell had started.
Had to check it up on Google and found out that it was since mid January 2014 so that makes it around 2 months. I think this is the first time I’ve ever experienced such a prolonged drought here.
As I observed large patches of grass and greenery turning brown day by day, my heart felt heavy …… they are all dying.  I can understand why these vast patches everywhere are not watered as they are hardly of priority right now when water is so precious.  When will the rains come back again?
And finally it happened last Saturday …… it rained!  I’ve never felt so glad to see it raining.  How true the saying that we tend to take so many things for granted.  And then it rained again today, much more heavily this time as if the skies had been storing all that rain for this glorious moment.  As I looked at the dried brown earth all around, I could imagine how glad too the parched earth must be feeling as they take their fill.  I hope they’ll be covered up again soon with healthy and beautiful green grass.
What a wonderful sight …..
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