Kdrama Marathon Watch

December is my perennial favorite month, with Christmas and New Year just a week apart.  With the holiday mood in the air, it was a time to unwind especially after a busy year.  After coming back from my recent trip to Osaka, I decided to indulge in some Kdrama watching and managed to finish 2 dramas.

the heirs
The Heirs/Inheritors
This drama about a bunch of students in a prestigious school and rich guy falls for poor girl reminds me of the previous drama Boys Over Flowers which Lee Min Ho had also acted in.  The differences here being a controlling dad instead of mum and poor girl is Park Shin Hye instead of Koo Hye Sun.
Just some impression I got from this drama. Though I get the angst of love forbidden by meddling parent, I thought it was a bit over dramatized.  It’s not like this drama is set in the middle ages so why that huge angst suffered by Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) when tyrant dad disapproves of his lady love Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) since they are in the same school and can still meet up.  And what’s with her promise of sticking by him but doing the disappearing act, which led to his ‘life isn’t worth living’ feeling?  Sorry folks, that emotion was a bit excessive for me though I like the actors.  Another peeve was Kim Tan’s fiancee Rachel (Kim Ji Won) with her perpetual frozen displeased expression.
On the other hand, I find the bad boy and Kim Tan’s rival Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) more interesting.
He acts tough but does have a better side to him.  I like Lee Bo Na (Krystal) too for her cute character and though she’s all clingy with boyfriend Chan Young, she doesn’t have that haughty rich kid attitude.
And she reminds me of Yoona from Girl Generation.  
Conclusion ….. I hope Lee Min Ho will move away from school boy roles.


The Suspicious Housekeeper
I like that this drama has a realistic portrayal of a troubled family, with dad Sang Chul (Lee Sung Jae) plagued by guilt for his wife’s suicide over his infidelity and having to face his children’s anger and disappointment in him.  What I find disturbing though is how Choi Ji Woo portrayed the emotionless and mysterious housekeeper Park Bok Nyeo.  Emotionless and mysterious fine, but robotic?  I could understand if she was really non-human but even someone devoid of feelings don’t move like that, do they?  And it was never explained why Bok Nyeo wears the same silver jacket and cap throughout the entire drama.  
I like the children’s acting …… anger towards their dad and their insecurities.  And cute little Hye Kyul who made me shed tears with her.  But their aunt Na Young (Shim Yi Young) seems to trip and fall once too often that it becomes a bit irritating.  If it’s meant to show us that she’s clumsy, she doesn’t have to trip every time she goes through the door.
It was good that this drama had a happy ending though the conclusion was left for the viewers to figure out.  I like Choi Ji Woo but am disappointed with that stiff robotic acting which wasn’t very realistic to me.  It’s fine that she doesn’t smile but she could have moved around like a human.  Unless she’s a cyborg.
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  1. Mona E Light says:

    Iam watching Heirs right now and enjoying it very much!.

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