Osaka (December 2013) – Part 1

Osaka 121213

Had recently flown to Osaka to attend a concert.  My first choice was for the Tokyo venue but tickets had sold out fast so the only option was to go to the 2nd concert in Osaka.  I would have preferred Tokyo as there were more flight choices but since I’ve not been to Osaka, might as well take the opportunity to explore the city.  It’s pretty cold at this time, with the temperature in the range of 6-10 degrees C. 
We had arrived in the morning but since the earliest check-in time at the hotel was at 3pm, we left our luggage at the hotel lobby and went for some udon breakfast at a nearby eatery.  Then went in search of the florist shop from which we would be ordering a bouquet for the concert.  The florist was about a 10 mins walk away and though it had seemed simple enough from the map, we couldn’t locate it.  Finally found it after asking someone in the vicinity.
Then it was off to Tenjinbashi-suji shopping street, a well known covered shopping area which stretches all the way down south from Tenmabashi-suji Rokuchome subway station until near to Tenjinbashi Bridge.  It’s said to be the longest in Japan and stretches for more than 2 kilometres.  We enjoyed exploring the various shops along the stretch and bought some snacks for friends back home.
Tenjinbashi suji 2According to web info, there are around 600 shops along this 2.6km shopping street.

Tenjinbashi suji
The Welcome Dolls above its entrances (near Minami-morimachi subway stn).
This picture was taken later at night.

Next morning we dropped by at Dotongbori in Nanba, another well known area for shopping and food.  It was drizzling but fortunately the rain stopped after a short while and I was glad to have my hands free to take photos.  
Both the giant Kani Doraku crab and its mini version below have moveable claws and eyes. 
Kinryu ramen
I was fascinated by this eye-catching giant dragon above Kinryu Ramen.
Ebisubashi bridge with Dotongbori street in the foreground. The Dotongbori canal runs parallel to this street and the steps leading down to it can be seen in the center of this photo. 
A nice stroll along the Dotongbori canal
Evening view of the canal from the bridge
Dotongbori-7 Dotongbori-3
Osaka snacks and souvenirs
Osaka clown-1
The iconic Kuidaore Taro of Osaka, a mechanical drum playing clown


Hot takoyaki on a freezing night, bought from one of the takeaway stalls.
I find it strange that quite a number of young ladies had bare legs even though it was freezing.
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2 Responses to Osaka (December 2013) – Part 1

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think Osaka is very interesting! I like these photos very much! The catman? is very strange, but interesting! And the food seems to be very tasty! The Canal is nice and recalls the photo of SH at last year! 😀

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