Seoul 2013 (Namsan)

With this brief write-up on our visit to Namsan, this concludes my recent trip to Seoul.  Looking through the photos makes me miss being there. 
Namsan and N Seoul Tower is a major landmark of Seoul and a romantic destination for couples who leave their love locks attached to every inch of the fence that surrounds the Roof Terrace.  They are not permitted to throw their keys over the fence though.  
One can get to N Seoul Tower by bus or cable car.  There’s a Namsan yellow shuttle bus that one can take from various subway stations.  One could also take a 10 min walk up to the Namsan cable car station from Myeongdong Station (Line 4, exit 3) or take the free Oreumi elevator ride up to the cable car station.  To get to the elevator, walk a short distance from the Hoehyeon Intersection (between Hoehyeon and Myeongdong stations) towards Namsan Tunnel #3.
oreumi elevator 2
The walls of the Oreumi outdoor elevator is made of glass and gives a nice view of the streets below as it goes up to the cable car station. It can accommodate around 20 people and the ride up only takes around 2 mins. 
Oreumi elevator
Cable car 2
Love locks
Thousands of love locks attached to these ‘trees’ and the fence surrounding the Roof Terrace.
Love locks 2
Namsan  2a
The giant heart on the Roof Terrace.  At the ground level are some eateries, a souvenir shop and the ticketing booth for the rides up to the digital observatory of the N Seoul Tower which gives a panoramic view of the city. I had gone up to the observatory during my previous trip and since the others were not too keen to go up, we just explored the Roof Terrace.
Roof terrace
Taken from the Roof Terrace.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a clear day and I didn’t get a good shot of the city.
Night view in photo below. 
Namsan 4N Seoul Tower
N Seoul Tower bathed in a beautiful bluish glow.  The observatory can be seen at the top.  For first time visitors, it’s worth making that ride up for the beautiful panoramic night view of the city.
More information on N Seoul Tower:
It’s time to bid Seoul ‘anyeong’ and head back home after a great week here.  We took the Airport Railroad Express subway (AREX) from Hongik Station to Incheon Airport which took about 45 mins. 
Incheon stn
I was fascinated by the roof structure of the Incheon Airport station which lets in natural light and the group dressed up in lovely traditional costumes who paraded around the airport.
Incheon 5Incheon Incheon 2 Incheon 3 Incheon 4
HomeHome sweet home 
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