Seoul 2013 (Myeongdong)

The fun of being on holiday is being able to see and experience interesting things and events. We were fortunate to have some of these unexpectedly.
We had just finished dinner and were leaving the Shinsegae Department store when we came upon a Vogue fashion event held there.  At the right side of its main entrance, a crowd of photographers were setting up their cameras in front of a board with a red carpeted walkway.  Another crowd had gathered on the curved steps fronting the store.  With so many photographers, this seemed to be some major event so we decided to join the spectators seated on the steps.
There was no indication on the board when the event would begin and after more than half an hour of waiting, I was wondering whether we should continue to wait or move on to our next destination.  But looking at the crowd which had increased, I thought perhaps this should be worth watching.  Finally something seemed to be happening as the photographers swung into action with their cameras when a group of models walked up to the board and post for pictures.
A car with dark tinted windows then drew up alongside the building.  Some celebrity emerged and walked up to pose in front of the board as the cameras started flashing.  More celebrities arrived and after their moments at the board, they made their way into the store with their assistants.  All of them seemed unfamiliar to me and since we were watching from a distance away, I couldn’t really make out their faces very well even though I tried to zoom in with my compact camera. 


After some time, we decided to re-enter the store to look for a washroom.  Since the celebrities were still arriving, I decided to join the smaller crowd lined up along the cordoned pathway inside the store. Though my view was blocked by those in front of me and I could not see who was making their way in from the entrance, I had a clear view as they walked past. 
The ladies present started squealing as a good looking celebrity walked in.  Some started running after him as he walked off into the store with his assistants.  When the cameras outside started flashing, I knew another celebrity had just arrived.  Not knowing who to expect, I was taken by surprise when the actor Lee Jong Suk walked past with his group and the ladies again started squealing as he smiled and waved.  I tried to snap his pic as he passed me but unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough and only got a blank photo.
Moving on next to Myeongdong, a favorite shopping area for facial products and food. We love the delicious barbecue squid.  

Myeongdong 3 Myeongdong 7a Myeongdong 6a Myeongdong 8a Myeongdong 5 Myeongdong 9 Myeongdong 2a Myeongdong 4a

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