Seoul 2013

I’m back in Seoul, but this time not to attend any events like my previous trips.  For once, just dropping by on a family holiday.  This time, we stayed at a guesthouse around the Hongdae area on a friend’s recommendation.  I had initially booked a room which I thought was at the Studio 41st Residence but didn’t realize my booking was for its annex Travellers Planet located a short distance away. 
It’s website here …..
Planet traveller 3
It’s located at a quiet residential area near to the Hongdae Station and with a couple of convenience stores and eateries along the way.  Just across the main road is the livelier area close to the Hongik University.  Some of the nearby places of interest which I had planned to visit were the Trick Eye Museum, Mustoy, Cat Cafe and the Saturday Flea Market.
Planet traveller 1
Our room with its small kitchenette with washing machine and a TV screen which also works as a PC monitor.  Free breakfast with a variety of bread and buns, cereal, eggs, salad and coffee is provided in its common room but one can have it on the rooftop (photo below)

Planet traveller 2

Hongik University 1
Entrance to Hongik University
The flea market is held every Saturday afternoon at the children’s playground (a short walk from exit 9 of Hongik Station).  A variety of hand-crafted goods are sold by the students.  
Hongdae flea market 2a
Hongdae flea market3 Hongdae flea market 1
If it hadn’t started to rain, we would have wanted to get our portrait done at this stall.  I managed to get a nice tote bag before we moved onto Mustoy for some fun ceramic doll painting.
mustoy2The ceramic dolls  in the first picture were left by the customers who chose not to take them home.  Take home dolls are charged at a higher price.  One could first do a draft drawing on a card before proceeding to the final painting.  Any errors can be easily wiped off with cleaning solution. The little lady in bikini is mine and I’ve painted another image on its back, so it’s a 2 face doll.
hongdae 2 hongdae 1This area with its pubs and eateries come alive in the evenings with some performances in the open.  Wonderful singing by this trio. 
The cat cafe next.  I love cats and dogs and this is one place on my visit list.  Charges include a drink and one can stay as long as one wish.  First time visitors are briefed on the rules such as not disturbing the cats when they are eating or sleeping, no lifting them up, tail pulling or feeding them human food.  One can take photos but without flash.  Oh, their fur is so soft and lovely to touch.  
cat cafe 1 cat cafe2 cat cafe3
To be continued ……..
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