The Smoke That We Breathe

PSI @ 401 on 21st June 2012 (12pm)
It was scary, as the PSI reading hit 401 last Friday at noon.  It felt surreal, looking out at the blurry view in the distance.  I only had the normal surgical masks which I found out was ineffective, but fortunately I managed to get an N95 mask from a colleague who had bought a box the day before.  And it seemed that masks were out of stock that day.
When the haze started last week, the acrid smell had been apparent.  Though this had occurred off and on over the years, the PSI reading had not crossed into the hazardous level like it did on Friday. 
There are some things that are infuriating and makes one feel helpless at the same time.  Why does this haze keep occurring and who are these irresponsible parties who keep on doing this over and over, and get away with it?  Who does that snob think he is to say don’t act like a kid, it’s an act of nature.  You know what mister, you ought to go down to your smoky source and enjoy your haze.  You can just stay there and gag for all we care.  Act of nature …. really?  Stop being a kid yourself and go do something constructive for a change. 
Thankfully we had some respite this weekend with the PSI dropping back into the moderate range.  I was happy to see the strong sunshine outside and being able to breathe again.  Hope and pray that it will stay that way though we’ve been told to expect that the haze would remain for some time.  At the moment, we can only try to stay indoors as much as possible and use the mask if the PSI level goes up again.  
Can we please have our clean air back?  Keeping fingers crossed for a miracle.  
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