Time Out

Many times when I look at people around me while on my way to work, 8 out of 10 would be fiddling with their mobile phones or tablets.  With their eyes focused on their gadgets and fingers tapping away on the tiny buttons, they seem to be oblivious to those around them.  It seems to have become the norm but what I find annoying are those who walk around with eyes on their gadgets.   
I know I’m very much plugged in to my PC daily, checking out stuff and doing blog updates.  Thankfully I’m not into online gaming and don’t intend to start.  But lately, there’s this nagging thought that perhaps like all those who are constantly immersed in their gadgets, I’m just as guilty.  Am I spending too much time online?
Perhaps that is why I do not like Facebook and seldom check on Twitter I feel it’s mentally tiring to constantly keep up with these updates.  There was a time I had almost deleted my Facebook account and though I did not do so, I hardly log-in and do not update.  Similarly with Twitter.  It’s just not for me to constantly announce to the world what I do or think.  That is also the reason why I feel bad when I receive those ‘friends’ request occasionally.  Should I accept but then do not follow up?  With both Facebook and Twitter, I guess a part of me had subconsciously wanted to keep them out and at a distance.
Lately during the weekends I had started setting aside some time, with the PC switched off.  There are books I plan to read and other stuff I could be doing.  Perhaps those few hours might not be much for now but I would gradually increase my time-out to disconnect ….. in order to reconnect with myself.
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