Excuse Me?


Though I know my present level of understanding of the Korean language is still not very good and I’m only able to catch part of what is being spoken by a native Korean, I found out how bad I really was when I attempted to have a chat with one of them. 
Our tutor had arranged for us to have a one-to-one chat with some Korean students during our last class of term.  We had already attended basic level classes for about a year and it would be a good chance to have some practice with speaking and understanding of the language.  I don’t know about the rest of my course mates but I was simply hopeless and ended up speaking mostly in English.
It’s like my mind was super slow to process the language, trying to mentally translate words which I couldn’t remember.  How could one have a conversation when one could not even find the words?  Could it be due to nervousness?  I know I’m much better at reading than listening comprehension.  Perhaps it is easier for me if I can read the words, the more common ones that is. 
I came away from that lesson feeling so disheartened.  It’s already a year and yet I’m still rather hopeless with the language.  As usual, I have not been able to complete the final review test which the tutor would usually let us take during the final lesson.  I had to take it home to complete it in my own time and usually with some help from Google translate.
Sigh, when will I be able to speak the language well?
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