One At A Time


With the lunar new year round the corner, I’m once again in the mood for cleaning and clearing out stuff which has been accumulating and left forgotten in cupboards.  It always feel like such a daunting task until I decided to take on one spot at a time.
I can’t believe the amount of dust accumulated in some corners and which the eyes do not usually notice.  Perhaps the brain had somehow filtered them out and they had become ‘invisible’.  Another common spot would be the surfaces on top of cupboards.  As these are usually too high up and remain out of sight, the thick layer of dust could happily remain undisturbed.
Sometimes I wonder whether we should just leave them be, if they are out of sight.  They just keep coming back and it’s a never ending task. Perhaps I should stop being lazy and just get down to the task.  It’s not really so bad if I do one spot at a time. 
By the way, why does everyone call it spring cleaning?  We have no spring but an eternal summer where we are.
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