Where Is She?

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This is Ginger, a stray cat which hangs around below our block and like clockwork, would be waiting expectantly for breakfast and dinner each day.  Even before I see her, I can hear her mewing as I unlock the door and if I’m a bit slow, she would be on her way up the stairs to my unit on the first level. 
I can’t recall how long she’s been around but she’s a familiar sight at her usual spots downstairs.  I used to have a resident stray cat we named Mew who had the privilege of coming into our apartment and was given her own feeding bowl.  Over the years, she had aged and didn’t seem very healthy and one day, she just disappeared.  I’m not sure what happened to her but I had the feeling that she was gone. 
And it seemed that it’s happening again, this time with Ginger.  I had noticed that she too didn’t seem so healthy lately and had lost weight.  She used to enjoy lying in her favourite spot on a grass patch below some plants but I didn’t see her there for the past few days.  She didn’t appear for her meals and I didn’t see her anywhere downstairs.  Where could she have gone to?  Has she simple ‘disappeared’ just like Mew?

Where are you Ginger?
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