End Of The World?


Was the world supposed to end on 21st December 2012?  Frankly I didn’t have the slightest idea as I hadn’t been keeping up with these doomsday predictions.  I have read about them off and on and it seems nothing happened each time life was supposed to end.  Since it didn’t happen again on 21st December, when would be the next definite date?
I’m not trying to make fun of those who truly believe in these predictions.  But would it really change anything if just supposing that it will really come true?  If the earth were to be completely destroyed by some greater forces, is there some place where one can run away to?
I was just checking out on the recent prediction and it seems that it was based on an ancient Mayan prophecy of a collision by some planet with Earth.  I’m actually interested to find out whether we have the present day technology to be able to blast whatever might pose a threat to Earth.  Does anyone know?
Perhaps it wasn’t a coincidence that there was this 2009 movie titled Knowing (starring Nicholas Cage) which I had just watched on TV last week.  I cannot now recall on which day it was but I found it very interesting as it was about a prediction of the complete destruction of the Earth 50 years before it happened.  Could it be because of this recent prediction that they decided to show this movie?

It does give one something to think about ….. if it’s meant to happen, there’s nothing anyone can do because we are but a speck on this earth. 
Do we want to go through life with this constant fear or simply live life to the fullest because one never knows when one’s time is due?  So if I had been aware of this prediction for 21st December, what would I have done? …….. nothing really.  What about you?
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