Gardens By The Bay

Ever since its opening, I have thought of visiting these Gardens and it was great that we had our department outing to this place recently.  A great place for nature lovers to soak in the wonders of all that greenery within these beautiful conservatories.  I would love to visit it again and enjoy the beauty of this place.  For those of us from the city, it’s a great place to re-charge.  
As we had only a couple of hours, we only had time to visit the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest but not the Skyway or the surrounding gardens.
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I was fascinated by the Supertrees which one could see even from a distance.
It would be even more beautiful when lighted up at night. 
gardens gardens2 gardens3
The Flower Dome conservatory with its impressive top
flowerdome7flowerdome12flowerdome10 flowerdome9
A strange furry cactus. 

Some of the beautiful blooms and huge flowers
flowerdome8 flowerdome4 flowerdome6 flowerdome2 flowerdome3
A hibiscus flower which was larger than my hand
A shrub filled with red berries which seemed at first unreal until I took a closer look.
An ancient tree
I should have taken time to read through the information on the boards but as we had the other conservatory to explore, I missed out on most of it.  Will find out more on my next visit.  We then moved on to the Cloud Forest conservatory.

A man-made waterfall which greeted us at the entrance.
It was very much cooler in here and I had to don a sweater. 
The suspended walkway from the top of the structure which gave a wonderful view of the surrounding bay.  Being afraid of heights, I avoided walking over the grills on both sides of the walkway but kept to its centre.
cloudforest3 cloudforest2 cloudforest4

This is certainly one place I would love to return to and explore at a more leisurely pace, to sit among those beautiful plants and absorb the tranquility of this place.  

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