Almost Done

I’m in rest mode today after having spent so much time on a project since the later part of last year.
At times it had given me a weary feeling that there was simply no end in sight and I had felt as if I was operating under auto-mode ….. just press an inner button and off I go each day.
Now that I’m at the concluding part with just a couple more weeks to completion, I feel a great deal lighter at heart.  I know I need a good break which had seemed impossible earlier.  I have enough annual leave left from last year to not work for a whole month.  An image that comes to mind …… on a lounger at some quiet beach with a beautiful stretch of white sand and the sound of gentle waves lapping at ones feet.  My ideal holiday of peace, quiet and tranquility.  
Another thought that comes to mind …… would I be able to take a break too from stuff which has become a habit?  Checking my email, my other blog updates, news about my favourite man, switching on the PC …….
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