Lost & Found

“Oh no, where are my cards?  Had I dropped them somewhere!?”
Having just finished with my medical appointment and about to leave the clinic, I noticed that my card booklet wasn’t in my pouch.  I remember that I had placed it in there earlier.
I walked quickly back to the waiting area and saw someone sitting where I had been earlier but there was no booklet in sight.  I could feel myself freaking out as that booklet contained my bank and ID cards.  What should I do? …… what if someone found them?  I don’t remember taking it out so how could I have dropped it?
I remember I had put it in the pouch earlier as I had wanted to use the teller machine.  But could it be possible that I might have returned it  to my bag after use?  I couldn’t be certain at that moment but even as I thought about making a report on my lost cards, I knew I should go back to the office to check.
What a huge relief to see that it was indeed in my bag.  I must have put it back in there without thinking.  I was just so glad that it’s safe and sound and could breathe easy again.
I’m not sure why I seem to be getting so absent-minded lately.  For the past couple of weeks, I have been misplacing my keys.  First instance was the house keys which got lodged at the side of the sofa I had sat on.  Then it was my work place keys which I had unknowingly brought home in my pocket and discovered missing in the office the next day.  And just today, another set of misplaced drawer keys in my office which I had left in some other pocket. 
“Where are my keys!?” ……. about to freak out again as I wouldn’t be able to get hold of my bag which contained my stuff.  How would I be able to get home?  Fortunately I had the presence of mind to retrace my steps and finally found those keys in another block where I had gone to earlier.  Why do I keep losing my keys?
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2 Responses to Lost & Found

  1. jeezvive says:

    oh dearie! i hope this phase has passed heehee
    it’s been a while since i visited your blog my dear.
    for me, i should remember not to file/store/keep anything while i am discussing with someone most especially when i am on the phone, as this is most unfortunate time for me to forget the tasks being performed by my hands 🙂

    • juleecwk0409 says:

      Hope it’s not because my brain cells are dying hee.

      I haven’t been visiting my blog much either, sometimes I feel guilty. Most of the time, my focus is on SH and at times I can’t help wondering why we are all so crazy 🙂

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