It had been at the back of my mind that this might be inevitable but receiving the message of your passing away so suddenly still came as a slight shock.  We thought you were getting better and you did seem much better, but then I heard you had suffered a relapse.  I didn’t know how bad but somehow at the back of my mind, I knew.
I hope your family is coping well.  When we visited the other day, I felt heavy-hearted to see the grief on her face.  Your kids seem to be coping well then but I could not see their heart.  I’m sure they must miss you. 
We watched a recording of you …… of the milestones in your life, that familiar boyish smiling face and images of when your illness was evident.  The last part of it was of you having some celebration with friends and family and of you thanking them for coming ….. it was as if you were thanking us for coming to bid you a final farewell. 
I took a last look at you and I couldn’t help thinking how different you seemed from the last time I saw you.  I hope your heart is now at peace.  I bowed my head as your family started their prayers because I knew that if I were to look upon their grief, it would bring on my tears. 
The other day as I was looking through my work email, I came upon some of your recent messages.  It felt kind of strange as if your voice is still residing in my inbox.  Should I still keep these messages?  Perhaps when I do my occasional spring cleaning later, I shall remove them.  I knew one of my colleagues too didn’t realize he had not removed your contact from the group email he recently sent to us.  Should I tell him?  Perhaps not as I’m certain he’ll realize it soon enough.
Goodbye dear B …… you might not be with us but we will remember you.
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2 Responses to Farewell

  1. grannydiane says:

    I’m sorry for your loss of a friend, Julee. {{hugs}}

    • juleecwk0409 says:

      He was my colleague and someone I’ve known for quite a number of years. So sad for his family, his wife and 5 kids. He passed away last week after suffering a couple of years from pancreatic cancer.

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