Big (빅)

From left to right:
Jang Hee Jin (Lee Se Young), Lee Min Jung (Gil Da Ran), Gong Yoo (Seo Yoon Jae),
Bae Suzy (Jang Ma Ri), Shin Won Ho (Kang Gyung Joon)
Big (빅)
I wouldn’t have thought of watching this latest Kdrama if not because a friend had recommended it.  Something about soul/body switching between a 30 year old man and an 18 year old boy.  So far I’ve watched a couple of such films, the most recent one being Secret Garden which was about soul switching between a man and a woman.  That would certainly have hilarious consequences since they are of different gender and f course I had to watch that one since my favourite man Sang Hyun was acting in it.
I’m used to the often funny Kdrama titles which sometimes doesn’t make sense but I suppose Big does seem related to the difference between a teenager and an adult.  As with most dramas, it often means really late nights for me as I would want to continue watching at the end of each episode.
This drama had just finished its broadcast but I was rather disappointed with its vague ending. I’m not sure if the script-writer was uncertain of how to end it but it could have been better. 
Drama synopsis:
The MV above shows the initial part of how Gil Da Ran (Lee Min Jung) met Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo) at a friend’s wedding where she had gone to deliver a bouquet.  But because of a wrong delivery she had to get it back when the bride tossed the bouquet. An accidental bump by Yoon Jae landed her in the hospital where he worked.  It just so happened that he was her doctor and he fell in love with her.
Enters the 18 year old Kang Gyung Joon (Shin Won Ho), who had just returned from the States and had joined the school where Da Ran works.  After their chance meeting on the bus and due to a mix-up of their umbrellas, she found out that he was the new student assigned to her class.
Da Ran and Yoon Jae had plans to get married and as their wedding day approaches, she started to have doubts about his love as he’s always giving excuses about being too busy and even missed their appointment to purchase their new home.  Gyung Joon on seeing how upset she was, decided to take her on his bike to a nearby lake to calm her down and it was then that Yoon Jae called.  Badly needing an answer about his true feelings for her, she asked him outright on the phone.  He would tell her when they meet and was on his way while Gyung Joon decided that it was time for him to get back while she waited.
Usually I would not want to give away too much and spoil it for those who have yet to watch, but it’s difficult to link these 3 characters without the initial part of the story.   The events which followed from here is where the real story really begins.  As Yoon Jae made his way to Da Ran and Gyung Joo returned from where they were, these 2 were fated to meet in an accident where their souls got switched.  
Yoon Jae (in Gyung Joo’s body) lies in a coma in hospital while Gyung Joo (in Yoon Jae’s body) wakes up suddenly though he was pronounced dead.  As the story unfolds, only Da Ran and Gyung Joo were initially the only ones who knew about the soul switching. 
For the rest of the characters, Lee Se Young (Jang Hee Jin) plays the colleague of Yoon Jae who’s interested in him and perhaps might be his love interest.  Jang Ma Ri (Bae Suzy) plays the very possessive ex-girlfriend of Gyung Joo who travelled all the way from the States to look for him.  
Da Ran in her capacity as Gyung Joo’s teacher felt a responsibility to take care of him and somehow they developed feelings for each other.  But knowing that it’s not proper since he’s so much younger and being her student, it’s of course a no-no.  As how Kdramas go, Gyung Joo and Yoon Jae share a special bond which explained the soul switching.  And despite her best intentions, Da Ran could not help how she felt about the young Gyung Joo in the body of the man she had loved. 
This drama has 16 episodes and up till the 14th episode, I was caught up in the story.  But I just didn’t quite like the last 2 episodes and as I continued watching, I began to feel a bit disappointed.  I’m not sure whether it’s the script or the acting, but I couldn’t feel the empathy I initially had towards Da Ran or Gyung Joo.  I couldn’t share her anguish and I was wondering why the 2 souls were taking so long to switch back to their rightful bodies.  The ending was a let down for me too as it was too vague and did not address some issues especially where Yoon Jae was concerned.  So did he really love Da Ran or not and what was he about to tell her just before the accident?
I was thinking that if not due to the soul switching, would Da Ran really fall for the young Gyung Joo.  If I were Da Ran, I don’t think I would fall for Gyung Joo if he wasn’t in Yoon Jae’s body.  As I watched through the rest of the episodes with the young man in his body, I sort of felt as if I would still see Yoon Jae even if it’s Gyung Joo in his body.  It’s just that his character is of the young man and his acting as one was really cute and loveable.  But even as I do believe that it was Gyung Joo in that body, I still know that it’s Yoon Jae on the outside.  And if I were Da Ran, perhaps that was what I would see …… Yoon Jae with that different personality that makes him so loveable.
On an aside, we are given a glimpse of the magnificent physique of a topless Gong Yoo.  He’s rather charming with that cute smile, very boyish and totally believable as Gyung Joo.  The latter is a very good looking young man but if I were Da Ran’s character, I don’t think I would truly fall for him though such things do happen in real life.  The last 2 episodes would have been better re-written.  Love the OST.

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2 Responses to Big (빅)

  1. jeezvive says:

    sadly, a BIG disappointment for me 😦 tho i still love GY and LMJ and i’m beginning to love Suzy 😀

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