Meeting Song Joong Ki

Poster at fan meet venue.  He’s really cute in this pic.
I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘real’ fan of Song Joong Ki but had gone with a couple of friends to meet him at the recent Thrill & Love 1st Asia Fan Meeting at Shine Auditorium on 27th May 2012.  In fact I’ve not watched his dramas so far though I know he had acted in some of them, especially the popular Sungkyunwan Scandal.  My idol is another Korean actor whom I hope will hold a fan meet or performance here in the near future. 
The event was supposed to start at 7.30pm but it was delayed for half an hour.  I had wondered why the organizers didn’t just let the fans in first but had kept everyone waiting outside the entrance into the auditorium.  We had a look at the merchandize on sale but I didn’t get any.
We had bought the cheapest category 6 tickets which were at the back but couldn’t find our seats as the numbers didn’t match.  On enquiry with one of the staff, we were told to take any seats behind the metal barrier which separated the front rows where the catergory 1 and 2 seats were.  So we were lucky to be able to have seats which were not that far from the stage as the venue was not fully packed. 
The event finally started and he made a surprising entrance from the right side of the stage while singing a song.   We had been reminded earlier that no photography was allowed and the burly security guy was constantly walking around to keep an eye on the audience.  But when he wasn’t looking, I managed to quickly snap a couple of photos.
In between the interviews with Joong Ki about his dramas and why he became an actor, there were a couple of games with selected fans.  I like that he personally came down to pick the fans as he walked among the audience which made him feel that much more approachable.  We were able to have a close look at him as he passed by and had marvelled at his baby smooth complexion.
The first game with 5 of his fans were to have them imitate his expression from some of his famous scenes in the drama.  The lucky winner received a plush toy and got to take a personal polaroid photo with him.  The second game with 2 groups of 5 fans each involved eating a bun followed by a candy buried among flour, both without using their hands.  They would then proceed to blow up a balloon which they have to burst while hugging him.  
He does have a kind heart judging from the concern he had shown them.  He had asked the staff to get ready some bottles of water for them to drink in case they needed it.  For the 2nd group, he must have told the emcee to say that they need not finish the whole bun but just take a bite.  Or course the first group would have none of that as it wouldn’t have been fair on them.  Even the rest of the audience chipped in to say ‘not fair’ when the emcee asked for their opinion.  The winners from both groups each received an autographed plush toy and also got to take a photo with him.  My good impression of him went up another notch when he presented them with a small personal gift which he had bought himself while out jogging.  That was a really nice gesture which must have endeared him even more to his fans.
There was a segment in which he picked out some questions from his fans which were pinned on a board.  They were invited up on stage to personally asked their question.  As the event neared its end, he sang another song as he came down again among the audience to give out some stalks of red roses to the screaming fans.  Even I was moved to reached out my hands in the hope of getting a stalk as he passed by but unfortunately I did not get one.  
Finally it was time to say goodbye and for the high 5 segment.  The audience were invited to go up on stage, starting from the front rows.  The emcee had explained that due to Joong Ki having to take a flight after the event and so as not to take up too much time, it would be just a high 5 with him.   For some, a high 5 would not be enough of course and so some started hugging him.  More followed suit until the 2 security guys decided to plant themselves on both sides of him and tried to ‘block’ potential huggers by stretching out their hands in front of Joong Ki.
With the security men busy on stage, we were able to snap away with our cameras.  I might not be a true Joong Ki fan but I do like him.  He’s really cute and has such a great complexion.  I like him even more after having met him and seen how considerate he is towards his fans.  Thumbs up too for his coming down to the audience.  I hope he will always remain as likeable as he is. 
To Joong Ki …… good luck to your future activities and your acting career.  If you ever come back to Singapore, I would like to meet you again.
Related video clip of event from xinmsn 
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One Response to Meeting Song Joong Ki

  1. fly says:

    So adorable! I really can’t believe that he’s older than me XD

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