Germany (Munich)

Glockenspiel @ Marienplatz
Frankfurt – Munich (19th November 2011)
Prior to the trip, I had decided on joining the Sandeman guided city walking tour for Munich.  As it would take around 3 hrs by the ICE (Intercity Express train) from Frankfurt to Munich, I had to make sure to take an early train so as to reach Munich before the stated meeting time of 1pm at Marienplatz. 
The hostel I would be staying in is also located within a short walk from the Munich Hauptbanhof, on a side road opposite the station.  This time there was no unnecessary detour and I found the place without difficulty.  This hostel was much better with its larger and nicely furnished single room, and with good wifi reception within the room itself.  Its breakfast and bar area was also much more spacious.  Would have been perfect if the room had an attached bathroom, but I was quite happy with the facilities overall.   
As it was too early for check-in, I left my luggage with the reception and made my way to the meeting point for the guided city tour.  I still had an hour so took a leisurely walk while noting some of the eateries and shops along the way.  Just as in Frankfurt, it didn’t occur to me to take the U-Bahn. 
My first sight of the Glockenspiel was a ‘Wow!’.  It’s such an impressive and lovely building.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the chime display which re-enacts stories from the 16th century. )
Some of the places our guide Peter brought us to while giving us an enlightening account of its history.

Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady)

A peek inside the Frauenkirche

The path marked in memory of those who were arrested and
sent to the concentrations camps

Hofbrauhaus (Beer Hall)

A peek inside the beer hall where these musicians were probably having a rehearsal

National Theatre

Lovely Christmas displays in the shops

Beautiful music
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