Germany (Rudesheim)

Frankfurt – Rudesheim (18th November 2011)
Did I mention Rudesheim in the previous post?  Yes, I did try to make my way there but without carrying out a proper search for more information, it resulted in a wasted trip.  I suppose I was sort of going about with my usual assumption mode expecting to find on arrival all the information I needed at some visitors info booth.  Now back home and googling again on Rudesheim, I’m filled with much regret that I’ve missed out on a lovely place.
Why is it when I had googled on it earlier, I did not see what I’m now seeing?  All these lovely streets and houses and that famed Niederwald Monument?  What I could remember from my earlier search was a vague reference to taking a cable car up the hill and getting a lovely view of the town and the Rhein.
So there I was, getting off the train at Rudesheim station after about an hours train ride from Frankfurt.  What first struck me was the extreme quietness as I walked out of the train station …… where were the visitors I had expected to see?  The shops that I passed along the way were closed and the place felt deserted.  It was such a strange feeling and I was wondering whether I was in the right place.  I was wondering too where the visitors info centre was but there wasn’t anyone around to ask. 
On hindsight, I now realised I had reached there much too early in the morning and the shops were not opened for business yet.  Could it be the off peak season for visitors?  From the map I’m now looking at, I was probably merely wandering around the Oberstrasse and not anywhere near the more popular main street Drosselgasse which was further inland.     
As I walked around the very quiet streets, I could see some people busy setting up their stalls for the coming Christmas market.  What also struck me were the pretty houses along the narrow lanes.  But feeling rather disappointed with the quietness and not really certain at that moment where to go next, I was not in the right mood to enjoy the place.   Wished too that it wasn’t so cold and was glad when I finally came upon a small cafe where I could warm up with a hot coffee.  
Again on hindsight, I had made too many assumptions …… expecting the place to be bustling with visitors, being able to get the area map and information at some visitors counter and somehow knowing where to go.  I really should have done my homework prior to the trip but it’s too late now for regrets.  I’m not sure when and if I’ll be back there again.
I might have been to Rudesheim but did not really see the place. 
So this was what I had missed:   by Moguntiner
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2 Responses to Germany (Rudesheim)

  1. Eric Gooch says:

    Thanks for the pics! I’m moving to Frankfurt in a few weeks and was looking for images of surrounding areas when I found your blog. I will try to check out Rudesheim, it looks pretty cool!

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