Trip To Germany (Nov 2011)

This was my first ever trip to Europe but definitely a memorable one.  I was in Germany to attend a 2 days workshop but had extended my stay to visit some of the places near Frankfurt and Munich. 
My destination was Norderstedt which was about 8 Km north of Hamburg so I had to take a connecting flight from Munich.  And that was where I made my first blunder.
14th Nov 2011 (Munich – Hamburg – Norderstedt)
Landed at Munich Airport and proceeded to check in for a connecting flight to Hamburg.  First major mistake no 1 ….. I had asked a fellow passenger whether we needed to collect our luggage and was told that it would be forwarded to our destination.  What I didn’t realize was that due to a change of airline,
I was required to collect my luggage and check it in for the next flight.  So there I was, on my way to Hamburg minus my luggage which must have been circling on the baggage conveyor belt at Munich airport. 
The flight was delayed for about 45 mins due to the very cold weather which caused airplane’s wings to freeze.  Though it was Autumn, the weather was really cold (minus 2 – 8 degrees).  I wasn’t sure what they were doing to unfreeze the wings but I could see from the window that something was being sprayed onto them.  
Finally we took off and landed at Hamburg Airport after about an hour’s flight.  Proceeded to the luggage claim area and started to panic when I didn’t see my luggage though the last piece was already out.  This couldn’t be happening, could it?  I didn’t even have my thick jacket with me as I thought I would take it out from my luggage on arrival at the airport (major mistake no 2).  What else could I do except report my lost luggage at the counter?  
After checking, the staff reassured me that my luggage had been traced and was indeed left at Munich Airport, and it should be delivered to me that afternoon.  That was good to hear and if I could get my luggage back later in the afternoon, it wouldn’t be so bad.  I then proceeded to the taxi pickup which had been arranged by the workshop organizer and continued on my way to Norderstedt (about 15 mins away).
It felt strange to check in to the hotel without any luggage.  The weather was turning chilly as late afternoon approached …… and still no sign of my luggage.  I decided to make a call to the Baggage Tracing centre to find out if it would be delivered anytime soon, but no luck.  I don’t suppose I’d be getting it that day and can only hope it would be delivered the next day.  Fortunately there was a small shopping centre just a short walk from the Hotel and I had to brave the freezing cold to go get myself a jacket.  
The next day I had to proceed to the workshop with the clothes I had travelled in.  Was so happy when I finally received news in the afternoon that my luggage had finally been delivered to the hotel.  Lesson learnt the hard way …… don’t assume anything.
To be continued ……
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2 Responses to Trip To Germany (Nov 2011)

  1. jeezvive says:

    oh dear Germany had a grand welcome for you, she wanted you to feel her chilly autumn weather! ^_^

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