Re-installing OS

Just when I thought I’ve managed to solve that dreaded BSOD problem recently, the little terror decided to give me another hair tearing episode …… and went back to the Ice Ages.  Click ….. freeze …… frozen …… dead.  If I could only get my hands on that conniving brain behind that metal casing,
I’d fix it in Formalin. 
Shall I just dump this system or  try some DIY fix?  Not being very tech savvy, it’s going to be a hit and miss kind of attempt.  If I hit the wrong keys or mess up the registry, will I send it to its IT grave? 
Let’s give it a try,  shall we?  I don’t want to have to wait an eternity for it to come out of its stupor or return from wherever it had gone to in IT land.
Shall I hazard a guess?  ….. registry error, corrupted disk, an evil IT virus or whatever it’s called.  
What is that ‘thing’ that’s invaded my PC to cause it to go into hibernation mode?  Fine, let’s try the miraculous PC restore time travel thing which should restore it to its earlier well behaved state. 
Nope, it still didn’t work after multiple restores.  After another seething with inner exasperation episode, I finally decided on my final resort ….. wipe out its corrupted memory and whatever infestation, and bring it back to the day it was assembled. 
Ok, I’ve got the OS restore disc so what’s the next step?  Googled ‘OS Re-install’ ….. run disc and let it do the rest.  Why am I now getting this black screen with F1 and F2 option to boot from Windows or Windows (old)?  A constant pop-up from the task bar warned of my disc space running out.  Didn’t I just restored it to its orginal state?  Sigh, what did I do wrong this time?
Time to seek help …. call a friend and wrote to my workplace ITCare.  ‘Hey, you have installed another Windows into your system’.  Did I?  Wasn’t that OS re-install supposed to wipe out the previous Windows?  Nope it didn’t because I did not select a clean re-install.  Awww …. with 2 Windows no wonder it’s so crowded in there.  
So let’s undo the damage, shall we?  Back to another OS Re-install and this time I’ll make sure to delete first the current Windows and Windows (old) to make space for only one.  Finally success …… and a new Windows is reborn.  Now comes the task of putting back some of my files and stuff, and also a few years worth of Windows updates which took me a couple of days.    
PC now working fine ….. but why am I still getting a new set of ‘problems’.   Google Chrome auto-translate now doesn’t work.  The constant message in the translate bar says ‘The translation failed due to a server error.  Try again’.   After more depressing attempts and still getting the same error, I then tried an uninstall/re-install of Chrome …… still didn’t work.  Since Chrome works fine on my work PC,
there must be something the matter with my home PC settings.
Next problem …… some member foreign sites which required a login kept logging me out and flashing me a pop-up that says I do not have permission to access.  Yah! why am I only blacklisted when logging in from my re-installed PC but not from my workplace PC?  So there’s nothing wrong with the sites but there surely is something the matter with my home PC.  
Awww …… what now?  It’s getting a bit exhausting doing battle with the system.  Somebody help! 
Back to Google.  Let’s see if my ISP has any trouble-shoot guide for related problems.  Something with the word ‘server’ caught my eye …… the error messages said something about a server problem, didn’t it? 
Note: * You MUST set this proxy server to gain access to Overseas/International Web sites.
Ahhh ….. perhaps this is it!  Let me go check my proxy server settings (tools > internet options > connections > LAN settings > proxy server).  Under proxy server address, mine was blank so filled it in with the given proxy server address and port.  With bated breath, I then tried the ‘forbidden’ sites again as well as Chrome auto-translate ….. and viola, it worked!!  Yay yay …. so that’s the culprit, the missing proxy server address. 
Whew, I’m so glad the PC is now working fine.  Still, it’s with trepidation whenever I open up Chrome or login to those sites.  Who knows when I’ll get some other error message again …. and get another hair tearing episode.  I’m too tired for more IT battles.
Signing off from ‘The trials and tribulations of a PC novice’

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