Poor Service

The eatery that shall not be named
I  do not usually do food reviews as I’m no food connoisseur and hardly explore the various food outlets to be able to make a fair comment.  But yesterday’s experience at one outlet was enough to give me the giggles.  Not wishing to be sued, I shall let it remain nameless.
We had been to the same eatery at another outlet and had no complaints as the food and service was great.  Thus we had no hesitation going in for another meal albeit at another location.  Same establishment but what a contrast in customer service. 
List of boo-boos:
1)  Ordered a set meal which was supposed to be delivered complete on a tray.  I’m not sure whether the staff thought we were just a few metres from the counter but he brought a couple of dishes each with both hands and plop them on our table.  I was wondering where the rest of the dishes were when he went back to the counter again and brought the rest. 
That certainly didn’t give a good impression ….. why make a few trips when just one would do fine.  And please don’t carry each dish with your hands like that. 
2)  We had ordered 2 sets and was wondering why only 1 set was served.  On enquiry, the staff apologised and indicated that the order chit had only 1 set recorded.  Had we spoken too softly?  Isn’t it standard practice to repeat the customer’s order to confirm?
3)  Where were our drinks or the iced water which is usually served when the customer comes in?  I was already feeling thirsty as I was having a spicy meal and was almost done eating.  Had to signal to the staff again who replied that our ordered drinks would be coming soon.  Ok then, may I have the iced water please ….. only then did he proceed to go get us a couple of glasses. 
4)  Our ordered drinks finally arrived …… brought by the same staff who plonked it on the table again.  As one glass was full right to the brim and about to overflow, he told us to quickly drink a bit of it.  At this time, I couldn’t help giggling as he walked away.  What a funny man.
Was it merely my poor impression that somehow affected my enjoyment of the meal?  The curry seemed too watery and my watermelon-lime combination was diluted with too much crushed ice and tasted overly sour.  Apart from giving me the giggles from the way we had been served, I certainly didn’t enjoy my meal there. 
Perhaps the wait staff ought to go get some service training at their parent outlet.  I noted that they would bade each customer goodbye with ‘ Thank you, please come again’.  In silent response to that …. ” Thanks, but no thanks.  I will not be coming back here again”.
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