In another 2 weeks, I’ll be off to Japan to see my favourite man Sang Hyun who will be holding his fan meets in Tokyo and Osaka.  Since this will be my 2nd visit, I’m more confident of finding my way around.  Not being able to speak their language isn’t so tough and one can still get by as many of the Japanese can understand a bit of English.  But should you come across one who doesn’t, I suppose a Japanese phrase book would also come in handy.
Flights and accomodation ….. check.  Itinerary ….. check.  Warm clothing …. check (it’s still winter).  I’ll be moving around within the Tokyo area as the events are held in Kawasaki, Ginza and Gotanda.  Since I’ll have a couple of free days in between, I plan to make an overnight trip to Kyoto which is a little over 2 hours from Shinagawa by Shinkansen (bullet train). 
Why Kyoto?  For my first trip last year (entries dated June 2010), I had spent most of my time within the inner Tokyo area of Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Tokyo and Ueno.  The furthest I ventured was a day trip to Hakone where I managed to see Mt Fuji with its snowy peak while we were on the way down to Lake Ashinoko.  Kyoto with its lovely cultural heritage tugs at my heartstrings. 
A couple of places I plan to visit in Kyoto.
Pics taken from http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2158.html

               Bamboo Groove                                         Sagano Romantic Train



                                                 Fushimi Inari Shrine

                                           Fushimi Inari torii gates

And hoping to see these lovely ladies in Gion.
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2 Responses to Konnichiwa

  1. jeezvive says:

    Woot woot happy trip! And…. Enjoy Yoony ^_^ Please send my love to Yoony ❤

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