Almost Back To Earth

After what seemed like a century ago when my brain was so full of Secret Garden and waiting with bated breath for its broadcast every weekend, I am now able to regain some sanity since the final episode last week.  Dear blog ….. I know I’ve neglected you and I feel guilty.  I had been so pre-occupied with SG that at times, I had felt a little overwhelmed with all its related articles.  That’s my Kdrama obsession for you.
So that is the good news … my being back to near normal.  A short while ago, I had been having this self debate where my head was trying to convince my heart not to be so reckless.   So I had the pros and cons laid out and with me stuck in the middle, not exactly certain who to listen to.  What then was the conclusion?  Head or heart?
And the answer is ……. I’m following my heart.  So I’ll be off again over the Pacific Ocean to see my favourite man Sang Hyun next month.  With 2 scheduled fan meets a week apart, it makes the trip even more worthwhile. 
On 19th and 20th Feb at Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens and Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, there’ll be a fan meet with a High 5 interaction with Sang Hyun in conjunction with the release of his album Precious Days.  Just like last year’s fan meet at the CC Lemon Hall in Shibuya when he released his 2nd single Oath.  On 25th and 27th Feb at Tokyo and Osaka, he’ll be holding a mini live concert. 
Since Nishinomiya is closer to Osaka and Kawasaki to Tokyo, I would have to decide on either one combination.  As I had been to Tokyo for last year’s fan meet, my earlier choice was for Osaka.  But since the event dates for Kawasaki (20th)  is closer with Tokyo (25th), I decided to go to these 2 places instead.  If only Nishinomiya is close to Kawasaki, I would have wanted to go to both but having checked the location from Google maps, it didn’t seem practical. 
Now that I’ve managed to book tickets for the Tokyo concert with the kind help from a Japanese friend, things are starting to fall into place.  After shopping around online for the best flight and hotel package, these too have been taken care of.  Isn’t it amazing that one need not even step out to get all these done …… but merely through the click of a mouse? 
What next?  More shopping of course ….. it nearing the end of Winter when I’m finally there.  The temperature is expected to be between 2 – 10 degrees C.  No snow I guess, but that’s cold for me …. brrrr.
But seeing my favourite man will surely warm my heart.

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