A New Path

We might not have personally met but we have shared much through an online forum.  A year might not seem such a long time but it was enough to feel as if  I had known you all my life ….. laughing over shared jokes and raving about our favourite man.
There are some we may have known a long time and yet not truly know.   There are some we chanced upon, who become pretty special to us and where time does not really matter.  There are some with whom we simply feel blessed to know and to have known.  I suppose life is like that …. we never really know all the answers.  But what I do believe is that there is a message each person brings to us. 
What then is your message to me?  Within the past year, you have taught me this  ….. that our path ahead is not so much determined merely by fate, but by ourselves.  Thank you. 
I hope this is not an end but a new beginning, and that you will be back when time permits.  May your path bring you to where you really want to be.  Take care ….. I’ll miss you too.  사랑해
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2 Responses to A New Path

  1. Diane says:

    I am very grateful to have met you, Julee, and our other sisters on the board. Knowing you has brought joy and smiles. Many times when I have read messages you have left on the board I can feel the smiles (or giggles, at times) coming to me, especially when I have been having a tough day. You are a wonderful friend and I am so happy to know you.

  2. juleecwk0409 says:

    Thanks Diane, that’s so sweet. Most of our regulars on board have for their own reasons moved on and I just feel sad that we have somehow ‘lost’ them. We had so much fun, shared so many laughs ….. so many fond memories that make me smile. Thank you too.

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