Screen Freeze

There goes that crackling in the CPU again which signalled another impending screen freeze on the monitor.  What’s up with my PC lately?  I had earlier assumed that it could be due to the scheduled system scan but it had been happening much too often. 
Time to find some answers from Google on ‘screen freeze’.  There have been a lot of nice folks on the WWW who had provided much needed information when my printer or PC misbehaved.  Thanks to their helpful pointers, I had managed to get them to work again …. sometimes.
So what are the likely causes of a frozen screen?  You can click your mouse umpteen times but the page won’t budge.  Sometimes I’d try to be patient and wait for it to ‘unfreeze’ which it would eventually.  But there were times it  must have decided to remain frozen until the next century. 
What is the cause of that busy crackling noise which I guess to be the culprit?  Is it some malicious worm or virus chomping up the motherboard into paralysis?  Time to call up Windows Task Manager to find out which application is hogging the system, that is if I can get that mouse to work.  Being the IT novice that I am, I am hesitant to deactivate anything listed in Task Manager which seems to be racking up a huge memory usage.  What if I click to end the process and cause a system malfunction?  Should I or should I not kill it while it’s merrily crackling away? 
Here’s what those nice helpful folks have pointed out as probable causes:
1)  Too many programs running at the same time and RAM hogging.
2)  System errors and corrupt files in the Windows registry
3)  Overheated system
4)  Insufficient memory or RAM
5)  Those dreaded viruses or spyware
The suggestions …. reduce the number of programs in the background and which start up automatically, turn off programs you do not need before using large applications, fix the cooling fan, buy more RAM, do a virus scan and registry cleanup.  
I did a clean-up of the registry by running CCleaner …..hey,  it really worked and the system is now blissfully quiet. Keeping fingers XX that the great freeze won’t be back anytime soon.  Thanks folks!
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