If by Tae Yeon

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                                                                        If  sung by Tae Yeon (SNSD)
I did not know this song is the OST from the Kdrama Hong Gil Dong until I came across it in YouTube.  Chanced upon it when searching for songs for another Kdrama. 

There’s something about certain songs which moves me, even on first listening and this is one of them.    A beautiful song and voice which touches my heart …. and remains  in my head. 

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5 Responses to If by Tae Yeon

  1. Diane says:

    “Hong Gil Dong” is where I fell in love with Kang Ji Hwan. And this song. I listen to it often and it always brings tears to my eyes, every time. The song itself is very moving, but also while listening to it, it reminds me of certain scenes from the show that are sad.

  2. juleecwk0409 says:

    Hi Diane,

    I’ve not watched this drama, am not much of a fan of period dramas. Love this song though …. it just keeps replaying in my head. A beautiful song sung by a beautiful voice. Have saved it into my MP3 and which I’ve been replaying many times.

    • Diane says:


      I hadn’t thought of Hong Gil Dong as a period drama, but it was. Guess I was too much into the actors and the story. It had a lot of comedy, innocence, love, heroism, sadness, betrayal, insanity. And it had Kang Ji Hwan!!!!!!!

  3. juleecwk0409 says:

    Haha I know …. if Yoony were ever to act in a period drama, I would definitely watch it too. So far I’ve watched Iljimae (with cutie Lee Jun Ki) and Jewel In The Palace. They’re quite ok actually.

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