Left Face Right Face

 Picasso’s Tête d’une femme lisant
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ……. a familiar quote that someone could either be beautiful/plain depending on the individual’s perception and preference.  I suppose each of us have our own idea of what we find beautiful about other people.  As shallow as it might sound, we are likely to be influenced by first impressions of what we see on the surface.  It is only when we get to know someone better that we can see them much more clearly.
Just to see what defines beauty, I googled and discovered something interesting.  It seems attractiveness has a lot to do with face symmetry which is how well both sides of the face match.  If we divide our faces right down the middle, most of us would find that our right face is slightly different from our left.  If we cut a picture of our face into 2 parts and then use a mirror image of each half, we will look slightly different with either 2-left or 2-right faces.  Research has shown that those fortunate enough to have a perfectly symmetrical face appear more attractive to the opposite sex. 
Here’s a suggestion taken from this website Symmetry reflection on how to carry out a face bisection and create a mirror image of both the left and right face. 
1)  Use a “Paint” Program or Adobe Photoshop.

2)  From FILE, open a direct front view photo of your face.

3)  Use the CROP tool to bisect exactly through the middle of your left face and save image (LT-face).

4)  Make a copy of this image, flip to get a mirror image and save image (LT-face2)

5)  Repeat the cropping and mirror image with the right side (RT-face & RT-face2) 

6)  Place each pair of images side by side and compare your two LT-faces, two RT-faces and your normal picture.  

You can then decide which combination makes you look better or you might conclude you actually prefer your normal face.  Whether left or right or normal, you are what you are ….. your true beauty lies within yourself.   

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