May Inner Peace Be With You


Ever had one of those moments when you gaze in awe at that beautiful pink, blue and orange sky just before dusk falls?  Have you ever noticed how beautiful nature can be or felt a sense of inner peace you cannot quite explain?  Yawn …… sounds so mundane and no time for such things?  Then I suppose this is not something that would be meaningful to you.
Nope, I’m not on any mood enhancement medication.  It’s just part of my nature to appreciate intangible things and not place too much importance on amassing as many possessions as possible.  Of course I admire the beautiful stuff money can buy but they are simply what they are ……. stuff that is great to have if one can afford it but not necessarily a must-have no matter what.  
I’m thinking more about inner peace …… something we feel for no particular reason sometimes.  Isn’t this what most of us would like to have more of but which could elude those who are never quite contented with their lot?  It has to come from within and I do believe we can have it if we’re willing to look inward.  It might mean having to give up on some things sometimes but I believe it’s really our own mindset we need to fight with most of the time. 
Like what is sometimes shown in movies where our inner voices are depicted as both an angel and the devil, with one on either side whispering into our ears ……. yes, let’s do it ….. no, don’t do it.  So who are we going to listen to?  Do we listen to our angel and restrain ourselves, or obey the other regardless of whatever negative consequences it might bring?  Would it not even faze us that our decision would hurt someone else as long as we get what we want? 
Are we living each moment so as to gather as many possessions as we can or do we seek that sometimes elusive contentment which comes with accepting that we already have what we need?  Can we simply let go of our greed and believe that we have enough?  It’s all up to us, isn’t it?
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