Alarms Off

Teet-teet-teet-teet ……… my phone alarm sang into my ear.  With eyes half opened, I reached for my phone to silence it.  Usually I would press ‘snooze‘ which would allow me another 10 minutes before it buzz me again but if I’ve decided to get up, I would press ‘stop‘ to deactivate it. 
As there had been occasions when I selected the 2nd option but slept on and was late for work, I now use the radio clock as a back-up alarm set to go off 15 minutes later.  In case I had unintentionally silenced my phone, the radio would then announce its wake-up call.  With dual alarms, I should have no more excuses for being late, right?  Wrong ……. unfortunately there’s the remote control which I would use in my half-awake state to select ‘snooze‘ for an extra 10 minutes.  With its multiple mini buttons on the panel, what are the chances of pressing on the wrong one to silence it instead? 
So I have 2 wake-me-up alarms which are supposed to work but at times they don’t because I have silenced both.  On such days I would wake up with a start with that ‘oh no, I’ll be late’ groan.  Let’s see where the problem lies …….. it’s not the phone or radio, it’s me. 
I should have got up when the first alarm went off. 
Fine, snooze another 10 minutes but must get up at the 2nd alarm buzz.
Phone alarm accidentally deactivated …… should really get up when the radio alarm calls.
Radio alarm accidentally deactivated ……. ok, I should have hidden the remote control. 
Having multiple alarm clocks is no guarantee I will not wake up late again.  Perhaps I should just sleep earlier …… after I throw away the remote control. 
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