Up North

  KL Twin Towers      
I had gone up north with J to KL last Saturday to attend my niece’s (my eldest brother’s 2nd daughter) wedding and dinner.  As a few of my sister-in-law’s siblings and families (from Ipoh and Malacca) had been invited to attend, my niece had booked a couple of  the KL Plaza service codominium apartments to accomodate all of us.  It’s conveniently located along Jalan Bukit Bintang and within walking distance to the popular shopping complexes of Lot 10, Sungai Wang and Bukit Bintang Plazas.  
   We had taken the 9am Aeroline double decker bus from Harbour Front and reached KL at around 3pm.  The drop-off point was at Corus Hotel located in Ampang, about 30 min on foot to Jalan Bukit Bintang.  We decided to walk and asked some of the passers-by for directions.  I was thrilled to see the KL Twin Towers at such close range for the first time and snapped a number of pics from different angles.  Due to its proximity, I could not get an image of the full height so I had to snap either the bottom or top 3/4 of the towers.  My feet were already starting to hurt due to the uncomfortable pair of slip-ons I shouldn’t have worn for this trip, so I made up my mind to get myself a pair of laced-up shoes when we get near the shopping area. 
Our destination suddenly seemed rather distant so we decided to take a cab.  The first one we flagged quoted a fare of RM10 so we flagged another who agreed to use the meter.  Along the way, we chatted with the lady driver who shared with us the woes and difficulties of earning a decent living with the slow-ticking cab meters coupled with bad traffic jams.  It’s not surprising that most of the cab drivers preferred not to use the cab meters but go for a quoted fare instead.  Since she was such a nice lady and feeling sorry about their low earnings, we paid her RM5 though the metered fare registered only RM2.50. 
The wedding dinner was held on Saturday night at the Oriental Pearl Restaurant within the Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort grounds, located off Jalan Damansara.  We hitched a ride from my other niece (the bride’s sister) but as her husband was not familiar with the confusing roads, we got a little lost along the way even though we were following another relative’s car.  Though the latter was a KL resident, he too was not very familiar with some of the roads to the outskirts.  After taking the wrong road and detouring back, we finally managed to find the dinner venue.  The tea ceremony for the bride’s family was held on Sunday morning at the KL Plaza condominium where we were staying so it was quite convenient for us.  After that, we made our way to the groom’s house which was quite a distance away on the outskirts and helped ourselves to the good buffet lunch provided. 
  Feeling much rested after an afternoon nap, we finally made our way to the nearby shopping centres for some shopping and dinner.  My brother and his family was driving back to Ipoh on Monday but J and I had planned to stay an additional day for more shopping or sight-seeing.  After we had checked out on Monday afternoon, we booked for a day’s stay at the Federal Hotel which was also located along the same shopping belt.  After a few shopping rounds, I managed to get a few pairs of my favourite laced-up shoes and a Bossini polo tee on sale at only RM18($7) down from RM69(28.50).  I got a dark brown jacket with detachable fake fur collar(RM150/$62) for YL as she had been looking for one with a similar design.  I had been thinking of getting a new camera to replace my existing one which is prone to blurred images but since Singapore is currently having its Great Singapore Sale(GSS), I think I’ll get it back home. 
Later that evening, we walked over to the street bazaar at Jalan Petaling.  My last trip to this place was around 20 years ago and it now seemed rather unfamiliar.  The various stalls were selling the usual bags, clothing, footwear and souvenirs which I didn’t find very interesting and after dinner at one of the stalls in front of a row of shophouses, we took a cab back to Jalan Bukit Bintang for a final hour of browsing before the stores closing time. 
Our trip back to Singapore on Tuesday was at 3pm on the same Aeroline bus.  After a leisurely breakfast and last shopping round, we checked out and took a cab to the bus pick-up point at the Corus Hotel.  This time the quoted fare was RM7 but we paid the nice driver RM10 since he was resourceful enough to take some of the back lanes to avoid the traffic jam.  At one of the rest stops along the highway back to Singapore, I was fascinated by the many trapped flies on a sticky trap used by one of the fruit stall sellers.  There were quite a number of them still buzzing over the many varieties of ripe fruits.  We bought 10 giant guavas for only RM20($8.20). 
We finally reached the Tuas 2nd link at around 7pm.  Going through immigration with the masked up officers and temperature scanner, I was reminded of the current H1N1 watch and was surprised to see on the news that the confirmed cases had doubled to 8 when there were only 4 the day we left Singapore.  Anyway it’s good to be home. 
Sticky trap for flies, with some of them visibly struggling in the glue
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