Down with flu

 I had been sneezing so much over the weekend that my midriff hurt.  My nose was also constantly runny and I had to resort to plugging both nostrils with pieces of tissue. To reduce the need to make multiple trips to dispose of used tissues, I carried with me a small plastic bag instead.  
My temperature of 37.7 degrees C yesterday dropped back to normal after having taken 2 panadol but I woke up early this morning feeling slightly heavy-in-the-head and found my temperature back at 37.5 degrees.  Took another 2 panadol and decided to drop by at the staff clinic again.  This time I was given some antibiotic pills, a bottle of cough syrup, panadol for fever and another batch of pills which must be for my runny nose.  Besides panadol and the antibiotics, the other 2 types of medication cause drowsiness so I suppose I’ll be sleeping a lot over these 2 days of medical leave.  I can already feel its effect seeping into my system.
19th May:
After a night’s rest, I’m feeling much better with temperature back to 36.9 degrees C from the earlier high of 38.1 – 38.7 degrees C last night.  I’ve read that an elevated body temperature helps to kill those bugs better so my defense system must be having a battle with them last night and won.  Still I’ll have to continue with the medication and complete the batch of antibiotics to make sure those bugs are gone for good. 
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2 Responses to Down with flu

  1. Henry says:

    Do take care and take a real good rest. That will definitely help.

  2. Julee says:

    Thanks for your concern, Henry.

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