Caught a bug

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been having this stubborn irritation in my throat which felt like there’s a bit of phelgm stuck in there.  Probably a baby bug of some sort had managed to sneak in and was hibernating.  I had been hoping I wouldn’t end up with a cough as it would usually plague me for quite a while.  There were occasions when I had bad coughing fits which made me feel as if I was coughing out my lungs. 
When I woke up with a slight sore throat yesterday, I decided I might as well drop by at the staff clinic before it got any worse.  I was given a box of lozenges and some effervescent tablets to loosen the phelgm.  The latter was to be dissolved in a small quantity of water and tasted just like those vitamin C tablets.  Today the bug must have decided to migrate to my nose, giving me a sneezing fit and then turned on a tap in there.  Fortunately this being the weekend, I can confine the germs to myself and not spread it to my colleagues.  I do not have a fever so I’m certain it’s not the seasonal flu bug …. and definitely not a suspect case for the H1N1 strain either.  Our workplace still requires us to take our daily temperature and report it online, and mine had been normal so far. 
If I don’t feel any better next week, I’ll have to get some stronger medication.  It’s a bad time to catch any bug as everyone is waiting with bated breath for the new flu strain to make its first appearance here.  Just a day ago, it had managed to sneak into our neighbouring country.  Why do I have to catch this cold bug now?
May 17th:
My back was aching a little and measured temperature elevated at 37.7 degrees C (still below the need-to-report at >38 degrees).  Took 2 panadols and hope temperature will go down later. 
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