Counting My Steps


  Omron HJ-113 with strap and clip 
Though I’ve recently started again on the AIBI treadmill, my activity pace had been too slow and not very consistent.  For better motivation, I decided to get myself a pedometer to keep track of the number of steps I’m taking to reach the recommended 10,000 steps per day.  I suppose I could increase my total steps by getting down a few bus stops away and then walk home from there. 
After some googling, I decided on the Omron HJ-113 which received good reviews from its users.  What I thought is great about this model is that it can be kept discreetly in the pocket, bag or hung around the neck and its special sensor can recognise the difference between normal walking and more vigorous aerobic activity.  Just like my AIBI, its readings can be set at different modes of either number of normal steps, aerobic steps, calories & fat burnt and distance covered.  Another useful feature is that it will automatically reset its count to zero at midnight so you get a fresh count the next day.  As it has a 7 days memory, one does not need to worry about losing the daily count at reset.  The usual price is $40.66 but after a 10% staff discount, I got mine for $36.55.  
As I needed my stride length to program into the settings, I measured my total distance of 10 normal steps which was 626 cm.  That gave me an average stride distance of about 62 cm.  After adding in the other settings of date, time, weight and measurement mode, the unit was ready for my first recorded steps counting.  I’d probably not bother about today’s count since it’s already late afternoon and it would not reflect an accurate total for the day.  
Anyway, just to try it out I did a step count for doing 5 laps on the AIBI and this was the readings I got:
5 laps on AIBI ……. 2 km
Total steps ………… 3294 (automatically recorded under aerobics steps)
Total time (pedometer first switched on to time of writing) ……. 5.5 hours
Total steps ……… 5965
Energy used up …… 126 kcal
Fat burnt ……… 7.6 g
From my daily readings, I would be able make up for total steps below the minimum 10,000 steps by doing more laps on the AIBI or take longer walks.  Just hope that I’ll have the discipline to keep at it and hopefully lose some weight in the process.  
Specs taken from the website

Disclaimer:  I’m not paid by Omron or AIBI to market their products but just giving my personal views on the items I bought.   


Omron HJ 113 Step Counter – Specifications 

·                         Innovative sensor technology for a significant range of useful features:  

·                                         two automatic modes: regular and aerobic  

·                                         discreet placement: hip, pocket, purse, or even around the neck  

·                         Simple to use, accurate digital technology  

·                                         time  

·                                         steps  

·                                         distance (km)  

·                                         calories and fat burned  

·                         7-day memory  

·                         24-hour clock  

·                         Compact design  

·                         Battery (3v lithium, CR2032), strap, clip, and screwdriver included  

·                         Dual display function (steps and time)  

·                                         steps 0 – 99,999  

·                                         aerobic steps 0 – 99,999  

·                                         distance 0.00 – 999.99 km

·                                         calories 0 – 99,999

·                                         burned fat volume 0.0 – 199.9g

·                                         steady pace time 0 – 1440 minutes

·                         Adjustable settings

·                                         time 0:00 to 23:59

·                                         body weight 30 to 136 kg in units of 1 kg

·                                         stride length 30-120 cm in units of 1 cm

·                         Dimensions 47 x 66 x 16 mm (WxHxD)

·                         Weight 33g

·                         2 Year Warranty


UUpdate 1 day after:  I only managed 6000+ steps count at the end of the workday, probably due to being seated for much of the afternoon.  Had planned to get down a few bus stops earlier and walk home but changed my mind due to the hot weather.  Did 5 laps on the AIBI instead and managed to cross over the 10,000 steps count, yay Smile


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