2 kg Tote

I wondered why my tote bag felt so heavy this morning when I have the usual stuff in there.  Out of curiousity, I weighed it on the bathroom scale which read 2 kg.  Had I been unconsciously adding in more stuff thinking they wouldn’t make any difference?
I think it’s time to look through the contents and weed out the unnecessary ….. there are probably stuff in there I can do without.  The reason I favour a tote bag over smaller handbags is for convenience as it can accomodate more stuff and leave me hands-free.  I just have to make sure not to overload it and use another hand carrier should I need to carry additional heavy stuff. 
Let’s see what I have been accumulating in there and what can be removed.  
Items to keep: 
Main wallet & pink lunchtime pouch with phone …….. a necessity of course.
Umbrella ……… wish I could take this out, but with the unpredicatable weather it’s a necessity. 
Dark blue shawl   …………. need this as the temperature in some buses can be freezing.
MP3 player ……. doesn’t weigh much so it’s fine.
Red re-usable bag ….. for unplanned after-work NTUC shopping, doesn’t weigh much so it’s fine too. 
Miscellanous ….. packs of tissue, a box of lozenges, sewing kit + plasters + panadol, small notebook and pen, these doesn’t weigh much.
Items to reduce:
Blue toiletries pouch …… should be able to omit a couple of things in there.
White pouch with multiple thumbdrives ….. don’t need all of them so shall leave some at home.
Green pouch with cardreader and cable …… to keep in office since my camera cable works fine with home PC
Card holder …… to remove some unnecessary cards which I hardly use.
Water bottle ……. need a sip with the current soaring temperature, but shall fill it to less than half.
Office & house keys ……..  to keep lab keys in my cubicle.
Food container ……. shall eat those 2 slices of bread for breakfast at home instead.
A couple of non-regular items which had added to the extra weight this morning ….. my camera which I had forgotten to take out and a pack of snacks for the office, both which will be removed.
Now let’s see what the weighing scale says after the items down-sizing …. about 1.5 kg.  It does feel much lighter now. 
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