Final resting place


The spot where Filvia’s box used to be now looked so empty.  Yesterday when I reached home after work, I found his motionless body lying amongst the wood chips outside his box .  Though his body felt cold, it was not entirely rigid.  I patted him gently on his head, bade him goodbye before lifting him up and placed him on a clean sheet of newspaper sprinkled with some wood chips.  After wrapping him up, I placed him temporarily in an empty shoe box as I got down to clearing away his stuff.  It was then time to place him into his final resting place, a quiet spot on a nearby grassy slope where I pass by everyday.  
There’s still Mew who often drops by our place and makes herself at home, and Ginger who faithfully waits downstairs for me to feed her each day.  My love for animals will always remain but I do not think I would keep any more pets after Filvia.  It was heart-breaking when I lost Grover, our 13 year old Yorkshire Terrier on Christmas eve of 1995.  Though it had been almost 14 years ago, I can still remember.  When a loved one leaves, a part of us goes with them ……
Dear Filvia, I will remember you too.
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