Who Are You, Kdrama


             Title: You will remember/Kiokhalkeyo                                         Singer: Jisun from Loveholic

After watching the previous kdrama Crazy For You, I searched for others in which Yoon Kye Sang acted and came across this one titled Who Are You?.  What’s unusual about this story is its supernatural theme in which the spirit of a man who died was given permission by the Grim Reaper to stay among the living for 49 days, so as to spend time with his daughter Young In (Go Ara).  Each day for 3 hours he was allowed to take over the body of Seung Hyo (Yoon Kye Sang), a cold and arrogant CEO whose childhood as an adopted orphan shaped him into what he is. 

The contrast between his normal aloofness and obsession with cleanliness to his outrageous behaviour during those 3 hours of spiritual possession creates a number of funny moments.  He is aghast at his wacky behaviour of which he had no memory and totally puzzled as to his constant search for Young In.  In the process, he helped her uncover the cause of her father’s death. 

The above OST is another beautiful song I fell in love with ….. You Will Remember sung by Jisun from the group Loveholic 
English translation of part of the song taken from the series itself, kind of touches the heart …….
Even though I can’t see you
I can feel you all around me
The incomprehensible soothing force that protects
Even though I can’t touch you
I know it’s you
Looking at me with all your heart
Your tears like an eternal spirit
Speaking about love in such childish prose
It’s always not enough to express my love
I’ll remember this moment
Even down to a tiny breath
I’ll remember the never-changing you
Everything you’ve done for me
Thanks, stay here for me ……..


              Seung Hyo (Yoon Kye Sang)                                Young In (Go Ara)  

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