Crazy For You, Kdrama

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                               Sarang Eh Mi Chi Da sung by Lee Soo Young
Another Kdrama added to my recently watched list, this is a story about how cruel fate can be.  Jin Yong (Lee Mi Yeon) loses her fiance in an accident on the eve of their wedding day and though it had taken her a long time to come to terms with her loss, she was finally able to give her heart again to another.  Imagine her devastation to discover that Chae Joon (Yoon Kye Sang), the man she had fallen in love with was the one who had caused her fiance’s death.    
The weepie part comes about two-third into the series and one cannot help but feel so sorry for Chae Joon who had to struggle with the continuous prejudice against him due to his conviction and the deep guilt he kept within.  The script writer has unkindly given this character such misery which he did not deserve.  What I like about Jin Yong’s character is her strength and determination to follow her own mind in spite of what anyone else thinks, and her trust in Chae Joon which helped him to believe in himself again. 
There was 1 particular scene when my heart goes out to him ….. a moment he knew he could lose the most precious thing he had, and pleaded in his prayers that what had been given to him should not be taken away.  The final episode felt a bit rushed though, as though the writer had tried to wrap up the story abruptly.  Whether the ending is good or not is left open to the viewer’s interpretation.
              Jin Yong (Lee Mi Yeon)           Chae Joon (Yoon Kye Sang)   
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