Jinxed system

 My haunted mini keyboard
What’s with my system these days?  First I kept getting some 1814 error and had to resort to deactivating Ad-aware to uninstall it, then my clips wouldn’t play because the Flash player had vanished and I had to do a system restore to get it back.  Now my mini keyboard seems to be haunted because it keeps adding a ‘g’ before and after each word I typed and then decided to blank out the monitor for good measure. 
After getting a few black screens, I decided to yank it out and tried re-using my former keyboard which had also misbehaved earlier.  Its port connection seems to have been lost somehow as I couldn’t get any letters out while the cursor just kept blinking at me without moving an inch.  I had tried using different ports but none seemed to work and that was why I had replaced it with the now haunted mini keyboard.  This too is now jinxed and keeps giving me a black screen ….. probably thinks it’s still Earth hour. 
Luckily my former keyboard seems to be working fine again though I had to try connecting it to a few different ports before it did.  Why are these things so finicky?  I hope I will not be getting whatever worm that’s expected to be unleashed on April Fool’s day ….. keeping fingers XX.
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